Thank you.

For Thanksgiving this year, I struggled to find things to be thankful for. It can be hard in the midst of the political clusterfuck in which we find ourselves. Every single day brings new scandal, often at nightmarishly appalling levels, and we are constantly bombarded by the ugliness in our world. But that doesn’t mean we should stop trying.

Today, I am thankful for Donald J. Trump.

Dont get me wrong, I despise that man. I have wished him dead countless times. I’ve had gleeful fantasies of his fat, orange head exploding all over his ill-fitting suits.

But his presence has sparked a renewed sense of civic duty. People know more about the structure and functions of their governmental entities than in the previous few decades. We actually care about who is making what decisions, how they came to that decision, and why they’re doing so. We give a fuck now.

I’m thankful for his disgusting and blatant racism. He has emboldened the cockroaches to come into the light, and it’s always better to fight an enemy you can see.

I’m thankful for his unabashed misogyny. The power of the #MeToo movement has been fueled by Trump and his followers. We haven’t had the time to get complacent.

I’m thankful for the incredible patriotism I see every day, by activists and social media influencers, and your average Joe and Josephine. We believe in the power we hold to change the world around us, and we believe America should be as good as its promise; something we’re willing to fight for.  We believe that loving your country means expecting it to live up to its potential, and calling it out when it fails to do so.

I’m thankful for the helpers. For the people who tirelessly give their time, money, energy, emotional and intellectual (and sometimes physical) labor. I’m thankful for the remarkable outpourings of humanity we see all across the globe for reminding us that love is more powerful than hate, that kindness matters, and that light can always be seen, even in the darkest moments.

I’m thankful.



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