We Need A Resolution!

With the new year fast approaching, people are preparing for New Year’s Eve parties, and ushering in the clean slate of 365 more days to look forward to with anticipation. Many make resolutions, hoping to lose weight, eat healthier, get a better job, go back to school. And so often, people fail at making these life changes because, frankly, huge changes to your lifestyle aren’t easy. If they were, everyone would do them.

Me? I’m not a big fan of resolutions, but my best friend and I were discussing making a list of things we’d like to work on improving. Maybe there’s no end goal, so we can’t exactly fail, but just things we’d like to work on improving, in order to make our lives more efficient, happier, healthier.

In that spirit, here’s a list of things I’d like to focus on in 2019, because I deserve to do so.

  1. Making more time for myself. I’ve allowed life and all that comes with it to steal my “me” time. Whether it’s 30 minutes a day to snuggle up with a fuzzy blanket and a good book, making it to the gym with more regularity, going for coffee with a friend, or just laying in bed and doing nothing, all of these things are very doable.
  2. Writing and creating content with my regularity. Once again, here’s an area where adult responsibilities have taken a priority, as they should. But making time to express my creative energy, and to share the fruits of my emotional and intellectual labor should also be included as a priority, and I don’t want to continue to let that happen.
  3. Get organized! From scheduling to going through my basement and getting things in tip-top shape, being more organized is not only a time saver, but also can help to eliminate stress. Which leads me into number 4…
  4. Mental health. The past year has been remarkably stressful. I’ve thrown a lot of my self-care out the window, and I’m paying for it. It’s an ugly cycle; when you lack self-care, your stress levels go up, and when your stress levels go up, you’re less likely to take the time to engage in self-care.
  5. Love harder. I need to focus on loving those who love me, and loving them as hard as I can. I deserve that, as do my loved ones. I also deserve to allow them to love me.
  6. Become more financially responsible. I am absolutely a retail therapy kinda gal. When I’m stressed, a new handbag or cute new pair of shoes or a new guitar can really help take the edge off, and serve as a nice distraction. But back with another cycle of madness, when I spend money on unnecessary things, I end up stressed about our finances, which can be at least partially resolved by limiting my instances of shopping as self-care.

None of the things I’ve listed are particularly difficult, and as I mentioned before, none of them have an “end goal.” They instead focus on taking small steps toward self-improvement, self-care, and just a healthier me, all the way around. All I need to do is work on creating some new habits.

Speaking of building new habits, there’s a wonderful app you can get to help you track your habits, and build some new, healthier ones, while you’re at it! Check out Fabulous, available on Android and iPhone (it’s an App of the Day and Best App Finalist in the Google Play Awards).

What are some goals you have for working toward becoming the best version of yourself, in the new year?


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