This Little Gaslight of Mine.

My family used to be so big on holiday get-togethers. We'd have the big Thanksgiving dinners, a Yule log party, a Christmas Eve dinner...the whole nine. Everyone would get together, and we'd all have a really good time, enjoying food, family, gifts, etcetera. It was lovely, and honestly, I miss it. A lot. But things... Continue Reading →


Everybody Hurts.

Hi there! I'm sick. Not in a perverse way, although some would beg to differ. I mean, I'm sick in the autoimmune sense of the word. I'm sick in the "my digestive organs are a hot ass mess" way. The list of things that are wrong with me, physically, looks like what happens when someone... Continue Reading →

Thank you.

For Thanksgiving this year, I struggled to find things to be thankful for. It can be hard in the midst of the political clusterfuck in which we find ourselves. Every single day brings new scandal, often at nightmarishly appalling levels, and we are constantly bombarded by the ugliness in our world. But that doesn’t mean... Continue Reading →

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